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Causes Of Leg Pain – More Than Muscle Cramps

Causes Of Leg Pain – More Than Muscle Cramps

What Is Leg Pain?

Leg pain refers to any pain or discomfort in the leg. The area involves the hip joint down to the heels. Leg pain is a very common problem affects everyone whether you are old or young, exercise regularly or never. Leg pain seems a simple condition but far from it, this can be a complicated problem as our legs are sophistically crafted with the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. There are multiple nerves and blood vessels running through the legs of which any part of it can cause you this pain in the leg if it is injured or simply overworked.

Leg pain can be felt from little tingling, prickling to burning sensation. Depending on the affected area some pains can be so debilitating that a person be immobilized. The legs bear the body weight and any walking can be painfully difficult if leg is suffering from pain. A common complaint of the “pins and needles” feeling is called paresthesias.
There are many possible causes to leg pain. Most commonly the pain arises due to injury suffered from sporting activities, the usual wear and tears of the joints and muscles related to aging problem and diseases. There can be hidden medical conditions that can cause leg pain. This is called referred leg pain.

Causes Of Leg Pain

Leg pain is normally caused by injuries including;
• Muscle Cramp – Called Charley Horse. This is usually caused by over usage or dehydration.
• Stress Fracture – Also called Hairline Crack
• Shin Splint – Simply sprain and over straining the legs
• Injury – Torn meniscus or ruptured Achilles tendon

Leg pain is also commonly caused by the following conditions and diseases;

• Osteoarthritis – There are over 100 types of different arthritis.

• Tendinitis – This refers to the inflammation of the tendon.
• Gout – Also called Gouty arthritis is a type of arthritis.
• Rheumatoid arthritis – This affects patients of all ages.
• Bursitis – This is the inflammation of the bursa sac.
• Fibromyalgia – A chronic pain condition.
• Baker’s cyst – Called Popliteal cyst refers to the buildup of synovial fluid affecting the knees.
• Varicose veins – Enlarged and twisted blood veins near skin surface.
• Osteomyelitis – Simply means an infection of the bone.
• Bone Tumor – Tumor of the bone.
• Spinal stenosis – Degenerative condition of the spinal cord.
• Blood clot – Called Deep Venous Thrombosis refers to blood clot in the veins.


Leg pain as a result of blood clot requires immediate medical attention. DVT is life threatening. You should seek medical assistance when your leg pain is accompanied with fever or swelling.

To prevent the usual occurrences of leg pain it is recommended to drink adequate amount of fluids daily. Do some simple stretching exercises every morning. Remember to warm up and cool down after every sporting activity. This will help to condition the joints and muscles which will help reduce the chances of muscle cramp, shin splint and or other injury.

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